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Remote Battery PS5 Wireless Battery
Remotto Battery PS5 22,36€

Remotto Battery PS5

Remotto Battery for PlayStation® wireless battery.

Play like the pros. Play wirelessly. The product was born from a need of more than 80% of the players of this game console: to be able to charge the controller from their play area.

In general, gamers play with the console more than 2 meters away, so the fact of carrying the conventional cable means having to stop the game or play close to the monitor. Remotto solves this problem with more than 12 extra hours of battery life and without minimally altering the gaming experience.

Consoles - WIRELESS BATTERY FOR PS5 CONTROLLER - Remotto - Remotto Battery PS5
  • Ergonomic, very light and perfectly integrated into the PS5® controller.
  • Original battery of recognized brand, with more than 800 charge cycles. Charge a controller in 90 minutes
  • 3000 mAh battery for PS5 controllers that provides up to 12+ hours of extra gameplay
  • High-end finish and high impact resistance.
  • Compatible with DualSense® (official PlayStation5® controller)
  • USB-C charging (Input and Output). Cable not included
  • Device Type : Battery
  • Supported platforms : PS5
  • Controller type : DualSense® 5
  • Rechargeable : Yes
  • Number of batteries required : 1
  • Number of batteries supported : 1
  • Capacity : 3000 mAh
  • Hours of play : 20 hours
  • Battery Cycle : +800 battery cycles
  • Connection : USB-C
  • USB connection : Yes
Weight and measurements
  • Dimensions : 75 x 50 x 24 mm
  • Weight : 75 grams
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