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KROM Kasic TKL Rainbow Gaming Keyboard
Kasic TKL Rainbow 24,90€
Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Keyboards - Mechanic / Spanish Layout - Krom - Kasic TKL Rainbow

Krom Kasic TKL

The Krom Kasic TKL is a mechanical keyboard in TKL format with RGB backlighting and high-quality red switches.

With anti-ghosting technology in 25 of its keys as well as the Windows lock key, this keyboard is the perfect ally for fans of compact keyboards.

Keyboards - Mechanic / Spanish Layout - Krom - Kasic TKL Rainbow

Mechanical keyboard with red switches

The compact size Krom Kasic TKL comes in a form factor to suit any configuration. Its high-quality switches offer great performance so you can enjoy your favorite games.

Because this mechanical keyboard from Krom lets you play in "Game Mode" and lock the Windows key, you won't have to worry about pressing it and accidentally quitting your game. Also, you can swap the WASD keys with the arrow keys.

Not only this, but the anti-ghosting system included in 25 of its keys means that you can press several simultaneously to execute a command and be sure that all will be registered. With Krom Kasic TKL you will be more competitive.

Keyboards - Mechanic / Spanish Layout - Krom - Kasic TKL Rainbow

Superior quality

The Krom Kasic TKL is a compact and ultra-light keyboard, designed with quality materials and soft-touch keys that are comfortable to press and respond efficiently.

The cable of this mechanical keyboard is 150cm long, giving you complete freedom to play.

This Krom Kasic TKL keyboard is compatible with Windows 7/8/10: perfect for gaming but also for efficient work and study

Keyboards - Mechanic / Spanish Layout - Krom - Kasic TKL Rainbow

Lighting for every game

The Krom Kasic TKL has RGB lighting and a Rainbow effect on all its keys, as well as different lighting modes. You can count on backlighting for each game that will help you visualize the keys perfectly in the dark of night sessions

  • Mechanical keyboard with high quality switches
  • Backlit keys in Rainbow color mode
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Gaming mode: disables the Windows key
  • Mechanical
  • ES
  • Multimedia : 12
  • Total : 87
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • USB
Cable length
  • 1.5 m
  • 347 x 122 x 45 mm
  • 630 g
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